April 27th, 2010

Obama’s Obsession With Iowa

ObamagoshColor me confused. In the span of just one month, President Obama will visit Iowa twice. The President will hold events in Fort Madison, Mount Pleasant, and Ottumwa today. Obama will overnight in Des Moines before flying out on Wednesday morning. It’s a safe bet that he will also help Iowa Democrats raise a little coin too while he is in town.

Obama’s visit to Iowa following the signing of the healthcare bill didn’t surprise me at all. His follow up visit though has me scratching my head. Basically President Obama will have visited most of the major towns in Iowa’s 2nd District. I’m sure that Congressman Dave Loebsack appreciates the attention, but why would he make four stops in a solidly blue district in a month let alone an election cycle?

Obama and Loebsack cruised to victory in Iowa’s 2nd CD in 2008 in large part because Democrats enjoy a 40,000 registered-voter advantage over Republicans. Presidential visits always have politics factored in to them. While I can’t see Democrats getting nervous about Loebsack yet, it might have more to do with Chet Culver and Roxanne Conlin.

Governor Culver is languishing in the polls and he is struggling with Democrats and Independent voters. Obama’s visits may be part of an effort to solidify the Democrat base before the general election begins. If Culver is a major drag on the ticket then incumbent Democrats like Congressmen Boswell, Braley, and Loebsack could be vulnerable.

I just think it’s an absolute waste of his time to be spending so much time in the safest Congressional District in Iowa. You would have thought if he was coming to Iowa he would have visited the 1st or 3rd CD, especially with Congressman Boswell is serious trouble.

It also makes me wonder if all of those Iowans in the White House are trying to artificially inflate Iowa Democrats polling numbers now to so that the DNC, DGA, DCCC, and DSCC don’t write off Iowa yet. Either way, with all of these Obama visits now, its unlikely that he will be around when Iowa Democrats need him the most this fall

These visits show just how bad of shape Iowa Democrats are in.

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