May 4th, 2010

NYC Bomb Plot Analysis

s-faisal-shahzad-largeFaisal Shahzad is a Pakistani-born American citizen who recently spent 5 months in Pakistan before returning to the States and is now the main suspect in the NYC Times Square bomb plot.

It was only April 8th when I posted regarding “The Militant Pipeline” in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region and explained that 52% of all serious attacks against the West occur in that region. I would encourage you to return to that post for a refresher.

The foiled attack in Times Square appears to be yet another serious terror plot planned, executed or trained for in the AfPak border region.

I defy anyone to assert that the war in Afghanistan isn’t being waged against those who would harm us. The distinction between the Taliban and al-Qaeda has become a moot point, as the Taliban have become a global radical Islamist movement at the insistence of al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. There are reports that the Pakistani Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack, and today news comes that up to 8 men were arrested in Pakistan in connection with the plot.

The minute we leave Afghanistan without securing its people and its government is the same minute the terrorists flow back across the border from Pakistan and continuing planning these attacks in their former safe-haven.

We must find them, fix them and finish them wherever they are found.

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