September 28th, 2010

NRA = Not Relevant Anymore?

I think it may be time for the NRA to review its policy of endorsing incumbent candidates who either vote for or sign laws that are NRA backed. While its endorsement of Chet Culver has everybody including myself worked up, they also endorsed the most liberal member of the State Senate Staci Appel over Kent Sorenson.

The situation between Appel and Sorenson in SD 37 is a better illustration of just how inept the NRA has become when endorsing candidates. Appel is currently sending nasty mailers and attacking Sorenson on TV for supporting gun legislation that the NRA would be fine with if they thought it would pass, yet she is the one that they support?

Let’s also not forget that the Democrats supporting making Iowa a “shall issue” state for political reasons not because they support peoples second amendment rights. They voted for the bill knowing that they would receive the NRA’s endorsement this fall. This is about the only area where Democrats are willing to push any sort of conservative legislation.

Can the NRA really believe that someone like Staci Appel is going to stand with them on their issues? I don’t. She’s as liberal as they come. The NRA should have also looked back at how Culver campaigned as a pro-traditional marriage candidate in 2006, then completely folded when he could have acted on the issue or stood up to the courts.

The NRA’s recent actions are a prime example of an organization becoming irrelevant before our very eyes. I wish them luck trying to advance their ideals and goals with politicians like Chet Culver and Staci Appel. Hell, who knows maybe they can sell some new memberships to all those homosexuals who like to hunt…

Roxanne’s Secret Weapons

Roxanne Conlin has to be insane to believe that she has any chance at knocking off Chuck Grassley and his Twitter account. The Des Moines Register poll showed her losing to Grassley by 31 points. I’m pretty sure I could have done that had I registered as a Democrat and put my name on the ballot.

Anyway, Conlin believes that she is going to win he race because of her “secret weapons.” Apparently her “secret weapons are campaign workers who have knocked on 220,000 doors since June and made over 300,000 phone calls to people across the state.

Apparently her secret weapons are not every effective. Or maybe she thinks the NRA is going to back her too…

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