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September 22nd, 2010

NO JOKE: Bruce Braley Nearly Doubles National Debt, Claims Fiscal Responsibility

The Quad City Times reported Tuesday that, although Bruce Braley has supported nearly doubling the national debt, Braley now believes the “deficit is a problem, and we need to rein in spending,” according to his spokeswoman.

“When someone supports nearly doubling the national debt and then claims to be fiscally responsible in an election year, they lose credibility,” said Cody Brown, Lange’s campaign manager. “This is just another example of why people of all political stripes are fed up with incumbent politicians and why it’s time to send a message that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”

Braley’s hollow claim comes one day after the Lange campaign released an ad entitled, “Enough is Enough,” which highlighted the severe fiscal outlook facing the U.S. Government and targeted the recent policies advanced by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Bruce Braley. The ad gained national attention Monday after, a popular conservative website, linked to the ad.

“We’ve seen a disturbing pattern emerge in which Bruce Braley appears to be misleading voters, deflecting attention from his voting record, and ultimately avoiding responsibility,” Brown said. “In addition to his latest claim of fiscal responsibility, we recently watched Bruce falsely suggest in a TV ad that Ben Lange, a small town Iowan and loving husband and father to two little girls, illegally coordinated on an independent expenditure by an independent 501(c)(4) organization. I wouldn’t be surprised if next week he tries to falsely claim that Ben Lange wants to privatize Social Security, despite the fact that Ben Lange has publicly rejected that notion and is, in fact, seeking to preserve Social Security for future generations of Americans.”

The Braley campaign’s recent comments come one day after the Lange campaign learned Braley had declined to debate Lange on Iowa Public Radio. 

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