July 13th, 2010

Newsflash: Register Acknowledges Fetal Personhood (Kind of), and West Des Moines Needs a Few Good Minorities

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

There were some fascinating tidbits in the Register yesterday.

First, there was an article talking about how the West Des Moines Police Department is recruiting more minorities because, out of a police force of 66 officer, there is one woman and one black person.

That does seem more than a bit lopsided to me. I can see why they would publicize and encourage more women and minorities to apply for positions, but I hope they maintain the standards necessary to have a highly qualified police force.

The other thing I found to be interesting is the fact that there was recently as many as five women on the WDM police force. Now there’s one. Perhaps the problem isn’t in not being able to recruit diverse officers. Maybe the problem is that they don’t have a work environment that makes people want to stay.

The other interesting tidbit comes in news from the Iowa Supreme Court, which recently upheld a conviction of a murderer who got in trouble not just for killing a woman, but also for killing her unborn baby.

The fascinating thing is that neither the court decision nor the Register made any mention of the affirmation that an unborn child is alive and worthy of legal protections that is inherent in this decision.

Once again, the value of an unborn child’s life seems to hinge on the arbitrariness of whether it is “wanted” or not. Nothing about the unborn child itself is any different than the next, and yet one gets legal protection, while another is ripped limb from limb before it sees the light of day.

Is this justice?

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