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September 10th, 2010

New poll: Bruce Braley is vulnerable, Lange within 4.4 points among most likely voters

A new poll released Thursday by the American Future Fund, an independent non-profit 501(c)(4) organization, publicly revealed for the first time that Bruce Braley is vulnerable in Iowa’s 1st congressional district, and that voters are looking to send a message to Nancy Pelosi, put a check and balance on the Obama administration, and elect a new generation of political leaders who will put principle before party.

According to the poll, a mere 39% of voters in the 1st district want to re-elect Bruce Braley, the lowest re-elect number among all of Iowa’s House Democratic incumbents. Ben Lange, who, unlike Braley, has not run a single TV ad to date, has pulled within 4.4 points among most likely voters, the closest of any Republican challenger in Iowa.

The data reflects yet again the total disconnect that has emerged between Bruce Braley and middle class families in Iowa’s 1st district and provides more evidence as to why only 9% of Braley’s campaign contributors live in the district. In fact, only six constituents contributed to his campaign during the last reporting period, which raises the question — Why aren’t the people who are directly impacted by Bruce Braley’s votes willing to bankroll his campaign?

Instead of voting for the interests of Eastern Iowans, Bruce Braley has voted for the interests of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time and he has not listened to the people. If he had listened, he would not have supported nearly doubling the national debt and mortgaging the future of middle class families. If he had listened, he would not have supported using middle class tax dollars to bailout poor decisions of Wall Street executives. If he had listened, he would not have supported a health care bill that inserts government into the intimate health care decisions of seniors and middle class families. If he had listened, he would not have supported a cap-and-trade bill that would increase utility costs for middle class families in Waterloo, Dubuque, and Davenport by 20-25%.

The poll also reveals that Independents, the single largest voting block in Iowa’s 1st district, are fleeing the radical Democratic agenda that Bruce Braley has supported 98% of the time. Remarkably, only 16.7% of men identifying themselves as Independents plan to vote Democratic in November.

“These numbers are not surprising for those who have studied the district, listened to Eastern Iowans, and watched Bruce closely,” said Cody Brown, Ben Lange’s campaign manager. “Eastern Iowans sent Bruce to Washington on good faith, but he’s grown apart from middle class families and he’s sided with a radical Democratic agenda at the expense of his own district. The time has come for accountability, and one only hopes that he’ll have the courage to own up to what he’s done and debate Ben Lange face-to-face.”

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