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October 12th, 2010

New Culver Ad Continues His Pattern of Ugly Attacks

Culver again goes on the attack, offering no positive vision for Iowa and spending 100 percent of his time talking into the camera to smear Terry Branstad

The campaign of Gov. Chet Culver is out with yet another in a series of nasty smear ads that make dishonest and distorted attacks against Terry Branstad while offering no positive vision to Iowa voters who are genuinely worried about our state’s future.  This time Governor Culver does his dirty work personally.

In response, Branstad 2010 campaign manager Jeff Boeyink released the following statement:

“Another week, another attack ad from Chet Culver. While Terry Branstad is speaking directly to Iowans in coffee shops across the state, sharing his positive vision for the future, Chet Culver takes to the camera to level more angry attacks. Iowans deserve a governor who will share their plan for job creation, not attack after attack that shares no positive vision for Iowa’s future.”

The Governor Branstad 2010 campaign offers the following rebuttal to the outrageous charges contained within Gov. Culver’s ad:

1.       Terry Branstad supports preschool for all of Iowa’s children and has a plan to ensure preschool is available for those needing it most.  Governor Branstad supports providing financial assistance to those families in need to ensure every Iowa child has access to a quality preschool.  He does not support Governor Culver’s program to create a new state-funded entitlement at the very time K-12 schools are forced to cut budgets and lay off teachers.
2.       Terry Branstad supports a comprehensive review of every tool in the economic development tool box, including the Iowa Power Fund.  Taxpayers deserve to have a cost-benefit analysis performed on every tax-supported incentive program to determine if something is effectively working to create jobs.  The failure of the Culver Administration to conduct these reviews has lead to such scandals as occurred in the Iowa Film Office with its misuse of hundreds of millions of dollars in film tax credits.
3.       Terry Branstad strongly supports adult stem cell research which has been shown to have the greatest promise for providing new treatments and cures for patients.

“While Chet Culver continues his ‘stay the course’ policy on economic development and negative campaign ads, Terry Branstad will continue to offer positive solutions,” said Boeyink.

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