January 20th, 2010

My Fundraising Thoughts

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Pile of MoneyBranstad raised what I thought he would, actually maybe a little less, but still impressive. Vander Plaats raised a good amount of money, but he spent most of it. Just imagine if Vander Plaats had Rod Roberts’ fiscal discipline and had a half a million sitting in the bank. Now Roberts finds himself in the mix because Vander Plaats only has $100,000 more in the bank than he does. The odd man out is Chris Rants. I heard somewhere that he only raised $78,000 and I assume than he is running on fumes.

Like it or not, Branstad is in a great position to win the Republican primary.

We also know why Jerry Behn got out of the race. He raised $1,910.67

Here is what you should take from all of this.

The amount it costs for someone to be called a candidate for governor: NOTHING

The amount it takes to be called governor: Millions

I Told Ya So…

mammothAs you all know by now, I’m not afraid to pat myself on the back when I accurately predict the future. Yesterday I said it was a bad idea for Branstad to launch his campaign from the historical building for obvious reasons. I think I said something about a picture of Branstad in front of a dinosaur.

Well, it wasn’t a dinosaur, it was a wooly mammoth. My bad.

You can click here to see the photo that I would have tried to avoid here.

Congratulations Senator-Elect Brown

scott brownIf I was a Democrat today I’d be really depressed. I mean Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts last night would be like me knocking of Mary Mascher over in Johnson County. An incredible victory for Brown and Republicans.

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