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June 8th, 2010

Miller-Meeks Wins 2nd CD Primary With 51% of Vote

OTTUMWA, Iowa – The following is Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks’ speech following her overwhelmingly victory Tuesday night in the Second Congressional District in which she captured more than 51 percent of the votes in the four-way Republican primary:

“Thank you, very, very much. We just received some tremendous news moments ago…and I just want to say how thankful I am to the thousands of Iowans who cast a vote for me today, and it is an honor and truly humbling to have earned your support to be the Republican nominee in Iowa’s Second Congressional District!

“This has not been an easy road – but that’s ok. It’s not supposed to be, and I never expected it to be. To really want something, you really have to work for it. Our family didn’t have much growing up, but what we lacked, we made up for in determination, hard work and grit.

“My father and mother always taught my seven brothers and sisters and me to believe in the American dream, play by the rules, have faith and treat others the way we would hope to be treated. I have never forgotten those invaluable lessons and have lived them every day of my life – and it’s those values that I believe are lacking in government, and it’s those values that I will bring to Washington as Iowa’s next member of Congress.

“I want to thank Steve Rathje, Rob Gettemy and Chris Reed for their service to the Republican Party and their willingness to meet for countless debates up and down the district to truly give voters a choice. Running a political campaign takes a tremendous toll on families, friendships and professional relationships, and they should be acknowledged for their service.

“What we have accomplished together over the last six months, and officially here tonight, is only the first step. We have another major hurdle this fall, and I need the continued help and support of everyone in this room and so many others that can’t be here with us tonight.

“I am more determined than ever to get out there every day, work hard and continue to bring as many Republicans, Democrats and Independents on board with this campaign as possible. And there is a compelling reason why they will – because like me, like you, and like tens of thousands of taxpayers, we’ve felt betrayed by Washington – spending money we don’t have, and leading us down an unsustainable path that is killing the American dream for future generations.

“Dave Loebsack had the chance to represent us, but in vote after vote, he instead chose to stand with the liberal far left interests that are bankrupting this country. Wall Street bailouts and massive new government spending… A $1 trillion government stimulus plan that Loebsack didn’t even read, and which hasn’t created any private sector jobs… A $2 trillion government run health care bill that will raise costs on employers, force job layoffs and cuts to benefits, and $455 billion in cuts to Medicare…
A cap-and-tax bill, which will send Iowa jobs overseas and, according to President Obama, will cause our energy rates to skyrocket…

“The bottom line is, the fiscal path that we are on is simply unsustainable, and the reckless tax-and-spend policies that Dave Loebsack has voted for will triple our national debt and make us more reliant to foreign creditors like China.

“We need leaders with common sense in Washington who will put an end to the tax-and-spend madness and stand up for the little guy (and women) here in Iowa. I pledge to be that commonsense voice for you.

“I’m ready to go to Washington bold vision of economic freedom, slash government spending and cut harmful regulations that prevent job creation. I want to bring over 20 years of experience as a health care professional to fix what is wrong in our health care system. That means scrapping ObamaCare and instituting patient-centered reforms in its place to get costs under control, protect taxpayers, and prevent the government from becoming even more bloated, more expensive and more reliant on foreign debt.

“As a small business owner, I’ve met a payroll, balanced a budget, and provided benefits to my employees. I know how important it is to get government out of the way, cut the red tape, and reduce the tax burden on our job creators, so they aren’t sending more money to Washington to spend on wasteful, bureaucrat-driven programs.

“Ladies and gentleman, two years ago, Dave Loebsack was swept into Washington on a giant Democratic wave. Beginning tonight, we’re going to make sure we send him back out with the tide!

“Thank you to all those who have worked so hard for our campaign over the last six months, stuck with us in the highs and lows, rejoined our efforts and got right back on the bandwagon after 2008, put up a yard sign, made calls, or went door knocking, generously donated to our campaign and did so many other things.

“This is our victory, together, tonight. As we unify as a party heading into the general election, I look forward to our growing grassroots movement to bring real conservative change to Washington. That change will ensure that our representatives are working for taxpayers, and not the other way around.

“Thank you so much and I’m really looking forward to getting back out on the campaign trail tomorrow morning.”

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