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April 15th, 2010

Miller-Meeks Raises $70k in First Quarter

miller-meeksOTTUMWA, Iowa – Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Republican candidate for Iowa’s Second Congressional District, announced today that she will report to the Federal Election Commission over $70,000 raised in the first three months of the year and $73,000 on hand with just under two months until Primary Election Day.

“Our fundraising has accelerated, our support is growing, our team is in place and we are fully committed to permanently retiring David Loebsack. Today’s numbers are one more indication that the momentum is clearly in our corner,” said Miller-Meeks, who was the 2008 Republican nominee after winning a three-way Republican primary. “Our extensive grassroots volunteer network allows us to keep our expenses low.”

She continued, “Our common-sense conservative message is really resonating with Republican, independent and blue-collar Democratic voters who understand that Congress cannot continue to spend money we don’t have. They know we can’t expect to bring jobs back to Iowa if we are killing businesses with taxes, regulations, cap and trade which will cripple our Midwest economy, and now the latest taxation necessary for this health care reform. Voters are also encouraged that as a doctor, I can work to repeal and reform this massive health care bureaucracy with patient-centered reforms that increase affordability, portability and reduced costs for patients and businesses. With less than two months to go, I’m confident that we’ll win on June 8 and really take the fight to liberal David Loebsack over his failed record in Congress.”

Miller-Meeks is a doctor, a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, small businesswoman, taxpayer and mother of two. Growing up poor, she worked her way through college, became an Army nurse and soon after graduated medical school. She is a former president of the Iowa Medical Society, a former educator at the Universities of Michigan and Iowa, and recently owned and operated an ophthalmology practice up until last year when she decided to run full-time for Congress. She and her family live in Ottumwa.

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