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April 10th, 2010

Miller-Meeks Picks up Endorsements

miller-meeksDr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks picked up some impressive endorsements this week. Below are two press releases her campaign sent out this week.


Says Miller-Meeks Has the Most Experience, the Most Energy and the Unmatched Toughness to Beat Loebsack in the Fall and Take on Big-Government Liberals in Washington

OTTUMWA, Iowa – With approximately two months before Primary Election day, state Rep. and Assistant Minority Leader Jeff Kaufmann announced today that he is squarely behind Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks for Congress and will be assisting her campaign in the northeastern portion of the sprawling second congressional district.

“Of any Republican candidate in this race, Mariannette has the most experience, the most energy and the unmatched toughness to beat liberal Dave Loebsack this fall and take on big government liberals in Washington. If Republican voters are looking for someone who will be a fighter against the Pelosi tax, borrow and spend rubber-stamps, there is no better candidate than Mariannette Miller-Meeks,” said Kaufmann, who represents Cedar County and parts of Muscatine and Johnson counties. “As a doctor, Mariannette understands every angle of the health care debate better than anyone I know. As a small business owner, she understands what it takes to meet a payroll and the burdens the federal government places on job creators. And as a taxpayer, she’s just as fed up with looming tax increases and massive spending like the rest of us.”

“Mariannette has served her country for over 20 years and reached the rank of Lt. Colonel in the US Army, served as President of the state Medical society, and donated years of volunteer service for families struggling to afford health care. Mariannette has proven she is committed to public service,” added Kaufmann. “I believe these values are deeply rooted in her working class upbringing which taught her individual responsibility, helping those in need, faith in God, and the important role of family. She is exactly the kind of person we need working for eastern Iowa in Congress, and that’s why I’m fully committed to helping her campaign over the coming months.”

“Jeff is a tremendous leader in our state capitol and I’m proud to have his support. Our campaign continues to build momentum, the outpouring of support from so many new faces is truly humbling and we are excited about getting our message of lower taxes, less spending and more jobs out there to Iowa voters,” added Miller-Meeks.

Muscatine Senator Jim Hahn the Latest to Back Miller-Meeks for Congress
GOP Candidate Also Announces Grassroots Team for Muscatine County

OTTUMWA, Iowa – Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who was the 2008 Republican nominee in Iowa’s Second Congressional District, announced her grassroots team for Muscatine County today, with state Sen. Jim Hahn the latest to add his name and endorsement in advance of the June 8 GOP primary election.

“In a congressional district with 15 counties spanning over 7,500 square miles, it’s important for any campaign to build a tremendous grassroots organization that relies on a network of volunteers who know their neighbors and can help turn out supporters on Election Day,” Miller-Meeks said. “To that end, having the support of a proven vote-getter and an outstanding public servant like Jim Hahn really means a great deal to our campaign. Teaming Jim with the line-up of long-time, energetic grassroots leaders we have across Muscatine County gives us the base for a winning campaign on June 8 and in the general election.”

Hahn represents parts of Muscatine, Johnson and Cedar counties.

“I’ve known Mariannette for over three years now, and in that time I’ve learned that she is one of the hardest workers, has an amazing command of the issues, a life-time of experience, and was raised with the values Iowa voters know and respect,” Hahn said. “I’m proud to offer my endorsement to Mariannette and know that she will be a tough but effective congresswoman who will fight to stop the runaway spending in Washington and end the liberal policies of Nancy Pelosi that are putting our country on an unsustainable path. As a doctor, veteran, educator and commonsense conservative, there’s no better choice for Congress than Mariannette Miller-Meeks.”

Senator Hahn’s endorsement follows on the heels of state Rep. Jeff Kaufmann, an assistant House leader from Wilton, who announced his support earlier this week. Rounding out the Muscatine County grassroots team are:

• County Chair: Marilyn Wedel, Muscatine
• Co-Chair: Paul Reeb, Muscatine
• Wilton – Jack Rife, Ron and Diana Gradert, Eric Vela
• West Liberty – Lew Morrison
• Muscatine – State Senator Jim Hahn, Roger and Sarah Lande, Phyllis Korschot, Michael A. Bailey, Mark and Kari Anderson, Carolyn J. Williams, Scott and Nancy Natvig, and Michael Gaeta
• Atalissa – Pat Corriell

“I’m proud to have the endorsement of Senator Hahn and the rest of the Muscatine County grassroots team, and I’m humbled to have these folks offer their time and hard work to help us win on June 8th and take this fight to Dave Loebsack in November. As the county with the second largest number of votes in the 2008 Republican Primary, Muscatine County is very important and our campaign will be very active here over the coming months,” Miller-Meeks said.

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