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September 29th, 2010

McKinley: Governor Culver, Where Are The Permanent Jobs?

Month to month temporary work reports and decades of debt as a result of Governor Chet Culver

Senate Republican Leader Paul McKinley (R-Chariton) today issued the following comment following Governor Culver’s latest and ever-changing politically heightened jobs numbers associated with his failed I-JOBS debt scheme:

“The very nature of Governor Culver releasing politically heightened I-JOBS numbers on a monthly basis underscores what Senate Republicans have been saying for the last 18 months: these are temporary government make-work jobs that disappear almost as soon as they are created, yet, the debt to pay for them will last for decades.”

Senate Republicans offered real plans to stimulate long-term private sector job creation in Iowa instead of spending $1.7 billion to create temporary work yet Iowans are asking, ‘where are the long-term private sector jobs?’ and unfortunately Governor Culver still has no answer.”

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