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March 12th, 2010

Matt Schultz: Look Out for the New Kid from Council Bluffs

Schultz and AirhartIf anyone impressed me last weekend at the Dallas County GOP straw poll and the Polk County convention, it was Secretary of State candidate Matt Schultz. The Republican primary for Secretary of State is between three candidates, Schultz, former State Rep. George Eichhorn, and newcomer Chris Sanger.

All three of the Secretary of State candidates spoke at the Dallas County event on Friday night. Eichhorn was the first to speak, and I thought he gave a great speech. He was confident, knowledgeable, and likeable. Sanger spoke so softly it was almost a whisper, but despite his soft voice, his full beard makes quite a statement. Sanger’s main campaign position is do away with the signature requirements to get ones name placed on the ballot. That’s ironic since he was the first candidate to turn in his signatures.

Schultz shined last Friday night and again at the Polk County Convention the next morning. In both instances, he spoke for about five minutes, yet in that short amount of time he conveyed a lot of information about himself and what he wants to do as Secretary of State. He started his speech by giving the audience some stats about how many business forms and inquiries the Secretary of State’s office handles. He then says that he will use the office as a bully pulpit to promote business in Iowa.

He then asks people if they have ever heard of ACORN. Schultz uses the questionable tactics used by organizations like ACORN as a call to for changing Iowa’s elections laws. He then tells a story about buying doughnuts for campaign volunteers at a Hy Vee in Council Bluffs. He grins as he reminds people that he was asked to show a photo ID when using a check to buy twenty dollars worth of doughnuts.

He then asks people how many have flown recently. He asked them to raise their hands if they had to show a photo ID before boarding an airplane. Of course they all nodded in agreement. He then asked, so why is it when we go to vote, we don’t have to prove who we are.

Schultz has also proposed creating a voter fraud hotline based off of the same principles as Crime Stoppers. That way, the Secretary of State’s office can react to claims of voter fraud not political parties and candidates.

A couple of days ago, Schultz released his first legislative endorsements. It included, former Speaker of the Iowa House Brent Siegrist, State Representative Doug Struyk, and Representative Greg Forristall.

Below is the video of Schultz’ speech from the Polk County Convention. It runs about five minutes.

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