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March 18th, 2010

Mark Rees for Congress files nominating petitions

Rees4Congress3Third District Congressional Candidate Mark Rees filed nominating petitions today to place his name on the June 8th Republican Primary Ballot. The signatures, representing all 12 counties in the district, were collected over the past several months by Rees and his wife, Beth, campaign supporters, and staff.

“I am proud to say these signatures were collected one door and one handshake at a time,” Rees said. “The people I met were eager to share their opinions and ideas, but most of all their frustration with career politicians and business as usual in Washington.”

Rees, a retired West Des Moines architect, is seeking the Republican nomination to unseat the seven-term Democratic incumbent.

“I believe I am the only candidate capable of delivering the coalition of voters needed to defeat Leonard Boswell,” Rees said. “Constituents throughout the district appreciate my straightforward approach to politics and recognize that my campaign is about ideas and ideals, not sound bites and clichés.”

An outspoken advocate of term limits, Rees has committed to serving no more than eight years if elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Details of his term limit proposal, as well as dozens of other issues, are posted here.

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