March 28th, 2010

Mariannette Miller Meeks Contemplates Campaign Slogan Change To “MMM… Delicious”

mmmAfter much consideration from the political consultant team of Michael, Meatball and Mickoslyvich, the Miller Meeks campaign may sign a consulting agreement solely based on tapping in the power of alliteration, particularly the letter “m” for a slogan voters can  find comfort in. A catchy catch phrase oozing with peace of mind could be an advantage in a close race in such tumultuous political times.

Everybody likes a good comfort food, so in that same line of thinking the candidate was advised this would help gain votes in Iowa’s 2nd district congressional race by simply sounding more delicious with the phrase “Mmm…”

Their first choice was to refer to Miller Meeks as “3M,” but a quick google search proved that there was some company using that term already.   Who knew?  Evidently a legal problem could ensue if lawyers ever went to vote for Miller Meeks and discovered the plagiarism of using 3M, so an alternative term that captured the essence of 3 m’s was in order.

“With the annual multi-million dollar sales of M&M candies we knew we were on the right track because people like chocolate.  It’s obvious the letter “M” is a heavy hitter in marketing today.  Shoot the word “marketing” even starts with the letter M,” said Mickoslyvich also known as the 3rd M by friends. “We were determined to find the right slogan even if we had to think about it for awhile.”

“We knew we were onto something during a power lunch meeting with staffers from Miller Meeks campaign at you guessed it, McDonalds.  We were staring at the solution right in front of us and didn’t even know it until we went up and got our second refills.  I saw the letter M plastered throughout the store and on my dollar value menu McChicken wrapper.  I was already thinking of the candy that melts in your mouth and that third M just jumped out to me right then and there,” said Mr. Meatball co-founder of the firm.

“We added the m’s up and we had three.  Why not instead of “3m” just list three m’s as in “Mmm…” Genius and less lawsuits. I think.”

It should be noted that part of the inspiration that influenced the team was due to a fluke programing schedule coincidence of Sesame Street reruns when it was discovered that the letter “M” was a sponsor letter three times this week beginning on April 1st, 2010.  Elmo only stars in two of the three episodes since the third episode sponsored by the letter M was filmed before Elmo became a household name in the nineties.

“Sometimes you just know a good idea when its in your brain.  Then you have convince your clients.  Thanks to McDonalds and some good luck we may have out first client.” said Mickoslyvich.

Photo by Dave Davidson
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