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March 28th, 2010

Lunch Time Links – April 1, 2010


Chet Culver to join cast of The Apprentice in the fall.

Donald Trump has cast Iowa Governor Chet Culver in the fall series of The Apprentice. Trump made the decision after seeing the ratings that another former Midwest Governor, Rod Blagovich, has helped generate. Trump also indicated that he expects Culver to be a good sport, since he will be the first incumbent governor to be fired by the people of Iowa since the 1960’s.

Culver’s Chief of Staff John Frew to Leave Governor’s Office

Frew has taken a position with the University of Colorado in Boulder. He will teach anger management courses starting this fall.

Roxanne Conlin accepts Microsoft PAC Contribution – Breaks No PAC Pledge

Colin told blew off reporters saying, its no big deal, I’m already using millions of dollars from Microsoft for my campaign, what’s a few thousand more going to hurt.

Boswell Challenges Eventual Republican Nominee to a Series of No Debates

Boswell expects be battling another mysterious illness, freak car accident, or driving his wife to work in Missouri as reasons he will be unable to debate.

Braley Joins John Deere as Workforce Director

Braley cost the company $150 million when he voted for the healthcare reform bill. Deere officials hope that his hiring will be preemptive move that will save the company money. “Having him represent us in Congress cost us $150 million, putting him on they payroll only costs $200k,” an official said.

Leach to Hold Lawn Party for Loebsack

After being so helpful to the Republican candidates who ran for his old Congressional seat in 2008, former Congressman is now hosting a fundraising event for Democrat Dave Loebsack at his rural Iowa City home.

Harkin Purchases Rangel’s Dominican Republic Home

The Harkin’s already own one Caribbean property, so taking care of another one should be no problem. Harkin also hinted that President Obama might use of his properties to host a summit with Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. Not only are the Harkin’s properties in perfect locations to host official talks between both parties, but Senator Harkin has the personal connections to bring both sides together.

Gronstal Grows Back the Mustache – Mistaken for Branstad.

Sensing that Republicans are mounting a comeback, Mike Grostal decided to grow back his mustache. When delivering absentee ballots to a Council Bluffs nursing home, Gronstal was mistaken for Terry Branstad.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy cast in remake of Miami Vice

After producers of a remake saw footage of Iowa House majority Leader Kevin McCarthy sporting a white jacket, they offered him the role of Crockett in a remake of the popular 80’s TV show. There is no word about who might play the role of Tubbs, but TIR has learned that producers asked McCarthy for Jack hatch’s phone number.

Mike Kiernan Named New Spokesman for Character Counts

After seeing all the positive press releases he has issued as the Chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party over the past year, Character Counts has asked Kiernan to be the face of their statewide imitative.

Sarah Palin attacks Branstad for using a short bus for his campaign.

Read the story here.

Rants Named CEO of Opportunities Unlimited – Vows to fix the books.

Details here.

Sen. Paul McKinley Announces Republican Campaign Strategy – Vows to pickup one Seat.

After failing to exceed the expectations he set for his gubernatorial campaign, Paul McKinley is taking a different approach for state senate races this fall. Instead of aggressively campaigning to win back a majority, he has set his sights on picking up just one seat.

Eichhorn Releases More Endorsements

George Eichhorn, Republican candidate for Secretary of State, has already released a list of endorsements for his 2012 campaign. No word yet on what office he plans to seek.

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