October 22nd, 2010

Lucky Lesbians

I would personally like to thank Governor Culver and Terry Branstad for participating in three gubernatorial debates.  The first debate brought a little joy into my life when Culver uttered the phrase I’ll never forget, “Brain Suck.”  I’m sure the good folks at Merriam-Webster and Wikipedia have already added the phase to its publications.  I use it everyday.

The second debate allowed me to catch up on some sleep.  By the time the first bead of sweat fell from Culver’s brow, I was deep asleep.  I didn’t know it was possible to reach REM sleep so quickly.

I’m puzzled by yesterday’s debate.  The debate put me to sleep again, but I found the three questions asked via You Tube to be very interesting and telling.

I was SHOCKED (sarcasm) that the Des Moines Register selected a video question form a lesbian couple for Branstad to answer.  I was also SHOCKED (sarcasm) Laura Fefchak and her lesbian lover, Nancy Robinson, just happened to have their video selected.

You see, the mainstream media also featured Laura and Nancy back on April 3rd 2009. You know the game; the Associated Press just happens to run across a RANDOM (sarcasm) lesbian couple and invades their home so they could get their reaction on the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage.

Fefchak and Robinson as activists, and yet the Register thinks nothing about inserting them ask a question in the debate.  If I was Iowans for Tax Relief I’d be pissed off that I didn’t get to ask Culver a question.  Heck, who knows, maybe they learned that they should submit video questions.

Culver was also asked a question about gay marriage, but instead of a well produced video that was staged to present an iconic image of gay marriage, Culver’s question came from a woman who is an independent voter, who had to read the question on a piece of paper instead of looking into the camera.

Way to go Des Moines Register.  You’re not biased.  Its not like you guys endorse every Democrats including idiots like Bill Maske over Tom Latham.  What? Hold on a second.  REALLY?  The guy who is always yelling crazy $&#t?  The pro-amnesty guy?  I’m back, sorry; I guess you can forget the last part.

Anyway, congratulations to the Des Moines Register for continuing to try and influence our elections with stunts like this.  I’m sure Laura Fefchak and Nancy Robinson are just two of the luckiest lesbians around.  Heck, Obama is probably pissed he didn’t hold his backyard event at their place. Oh never mind, the President only visits houses that are assessed at over $300k…

See you next week.

Oh and Monday’s idiot post is all about fast food.  Thought I’d give you guys a teaser.

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