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September 14th, 2010

Loebsack’s Failed Record on Jobs, Taxes and Spending Has Him Running Scared; Left-Wing Allies Come to His Aid

Late last week, an independent group, the American Future Fund, released a poll showing Congressman Dave Loebsack hanging on to a slim 6.7 percent lead among likely voters in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District, even before Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks started her paid advertising campaign. After seeing similar internal polling data showing him extremely vulnerable, Loebsack took to the airwaves early and is now receiving support from organized labor that has been directed to the 23 most vulnerable Democrats in the country.

“Clearly, Dave Loebsack is running scared from his failed record in Congress and his allies in Washington are now coming to his side because he’s in danger of losing his seat. Loebsack has rubber-stamped Nancy Pelosi’s agenda, including a national energy tax that will cost 30,000 Iowa jobs, wasteful stimulus spending and reckless budgets which have provided no jobs but have mortgaged our kid’s futures to the Chinese and his votes for a massive government-run health scheme are not sitting well with middle-class Iowans,” Miller-Meeks said. “As I campaign across this district, I hear how fed up Iowans are about the direction of this Congress and Dave Loebsack’s tax-and-spend ways. They agree it’s time for a new direction.”

After Loebsack took to the airwaves last week, Politico reported today that the AFL-CIO will be dropping campaign mailers with two automated phone calls in support of his campaign. Loebsack is one of just 23 Democrat incumbents who the AFL-CIO is helping. The other 22 are primarily in “Toss-Up” categories according to the Rothenberg Political Report, Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball and the National Journal’s House Race rankings. This is the first Washington-based acknowledgement that Loebsack is in serious trouble.

“We need new leaders in Congress who will get our economy moving again by cutting taxes, cutting spending and helping small businesses grow, not allowing politicians like Dave Loebsack to spend more of our hard-earned tax dollars to grow government,” said Miller-Meeks. “We simply cannot afford two more years of Dave Loebsack.”

Miller-Meeks believes in smaller government, hard work and individual responsibility. She worked her way through college, became an army nurse and soon after graduated medical school. She is a U.S. Army veteran after serving 24 years in the Reserves, a former President of the Iowa Medical Society and former faculty member at the University of Iowa. She recently owned and operated a small business – an ophthalmology practice – until last year when she gave it up to run full-time for Congress. She and her family live in Ottumwa.

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