July 15th, 2010

Like Ben, I’m the Koward of the Kounty

Hi, my name is Krusty Konservative. I’m a gutless anonymous blogger.

I have now accepted the fact that I’m a coward like Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison who wrote the Federalist Papers under the name Publius.

Ben Franklin is another coward too since he used pseudonyms like Silence Dogood, Harry Meanwell, Alice Addertongue, Richard Saunders, and Timothy Turnstone on many of his writings.

Like it or not, pseudonyms played an important role in our nations founding. Now before you prematurely go to the comment section and blast me for comparing myself to those mentioned above, please know that I don’t consider myself to be in the same league as those patriots. They are America’s real Greatest Generation.

I had to laugh last night when Steve Deace broke his own rule and decided to talk about my recent interaction with Sue Dvorsky, the Chairwoman of the Iowa Democratic Party. Now I don’t mind he and his show’s political director, Wes Enos, talking about the subject. I just wish they would stop pretending that they don’t read or care about what some anonymous blogger writes. I think its safe to say that they do.

I understand my article on Monday was not my best example of political judgement. If you want to call it junior high stuff, that’s fine. Yet, doing so allowed me to point out just how hypocritical liberals like Sue Dvorsky and other liberals really are. Heck, I had barley mentioned Sarah Palin in my response to Dvorsky and Lt. Governor Patty Judge had sent out a fundraising email blasting Palin’s support of Branstad because, according to her, she’s some sort freak job.

Back to Deace and Enos. I actually agree with Enos that Dvorsky made a mistake in engaging an anonymous blogger. I would have advised her to ignore it and instead try to figure out what he can do to save Chet Culver and Leonard Boswell. What I disagreed with them about is their perception about the impact that and reach that my blog, and more importantly have on Iowa politics.

Enos said that Dvorsky should have ignored it because only 40 or 50 people will read it. Yeah, that’s how many people read blogs like this, this, or this. I’m told that my page is the second most popular on this site, and trust me, more that 40 or 50 people read it each day.

Deace and Enos should have also noticed that Dvorsky attacked, not me, the anonymous blogger. That’s because this website is relevant, it is well read, and it does make an impact, regardless of those who want to pretend that this entire website doesn’t exist

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