March 29th, 2010

Lesson learned?

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Written by: Constitution Daily

elephantsfightingsmallThe easy way out is to blame Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats for shoveling socialism down our throats last Sunday. You may even look to the coward Bart Stupak for caving on the abortion issue. But your blame and anger are misplaced.

Obama and the rest of the socialists will take whatever they can get. It’s simple human nature. If a government or a politician is handed more power, only the true statesman with a strong belief in the Constitution will hand it back. Obama not only didn’t hand it back, he jumped on the opportunity given to him and has most likely changed our country forever.

So who should we blame? In November of 2008, the Democrats were given a gift from the so called Independents, the lazy Republicans, the RINOs who wouldn’t support the conservatives along with purists from the right who either voted for Democrats or stayed home. All those who didn’t vote for McCain because he wasn’t Republican enough can be saddled with the blame for socialized health care. Look at the results of the vote…every Republican voted for liberty. Every single one of them – and we only needed four more votes to kill the bill. So all you folks who chose to stay home or otherwise voted for a third party or Obama, thanks for trying to prove a point.

But the only point proven was that when we are out of the majority, really bad stuff happens. Instead of Speaker Boehner, we have Speaker Pelosi. Instead of President McCain, we have President Obama. Instead of free market capitalism, we have socialism. Is this what the Independents wanted? How about the purists or RINOs? Sure we’ve crept from capitalism to socialism since the Constitution was ratified, but at no time over the years under Republican leadership have we jumped to socialism. We could have stemmed the tide, but instead, due to the aforementioned crowd, we lost our liberty.

Many of you who read this are going to be thinking I’m capitulating. At least that is what some have been shouting on 50,000 watts over the past almost four years. According to them, I and people like me, are the problem, not them. But if they would have, as Chuck Grassley would say, “sucked it up” and voted for the “lesser of two evils” we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now. They want a pure conservative country. So do I. In fact, I believe my passion for that is greater than theirs. We just have a difference in opinion on how to get there. If you choose the route of working toward conservative principles at every step of the way (especially after the election), we will get there. If you chose their route – the route of beheading anybody who doesn’t think, act, and vote (or promise to vote) exactly as they wish, we can and should expect things to get much, much worse. I don’t believe there is a single person who can pass their litmus test over any extended period of time. Heck – even Congressman Steve King isn’t pure enough for some.

I realize I hadn’t posted an article on this site for quite some time. The main reason I didn’t was because I was getting sick of having these fights within our party. I debated all last week even posting this article because of the potential can of worms it may open up. I’ve never been one to say the fight isn’t necessary. In fact, I think it is inevitable and is part of the process in our Constitutional Republic. What shouldn’t be inevitable is the group of folks who, no matter what, always seem to cause more harm than good by professing absolute conservatism to the point of defeat.

Since 2002 we’ve seen both routes taken. When we had the majorities in both houses and had the White House, we passed some horrible legislation. Some say this was due to electing too many RINOs. But it was actually caused by grassroots conservatives not continuing to put pressure on our elected officials. We got them elected and then declared our work was done – when it had actually just begun. This election we have two options. We can do the same thing or we can only work and vote for pure conservatives. The latter will surely give us a minority, the former will creep us further along the socialist path. But if we don’t quit working on Election Day, and keep turning up the pressure on Republicans throughout the legislative sessions, we can and will get this country back.

See it doesn’t have to be so darn hard. We don’t have to chop the heads off of fellow Republicans. We just have to hold their feet to the fire. What’s easier, pushing our Republicans in the right direction, or only electing pure conservatives? In the Primary we must fight as hard as we can to make sure we nominate good conservative men and women. But when it comes time to vote in the General Election, we need to vote Republican. In the House and Senate, the first vote determines the direction the body will take. It is that first vote for Speaker of the House or Majority Leader that decides if the state or country moves left or right. All that takes is one more Republican or one more Democrat – not one more RINO or one more conservative.

And for you Independents who stick your finger up in the air each election and vote “for the man not the party” do you realize what you’ve done? Do you believe in anything at all? Your choice to sit out of Primary Elections and then effectively decide the outcome of the race during the general is lazy and intellectually stupid. There is nothing noble in that. Do you believe in less or more government? Do you value the sanctity of life? Do you like more taxes or less? Do you want to retain your right to bear arms or would you be willing to give up that right? Do you favor freedom and liberty or do you think we should use your taxes to pay for those who chose not or cannot pay their own way? Pick a side! Once you’ve chosen a side, work to make that party better in each way you see fit.

This isn’t a complicated issue that needs a complicated solution. This is understanding human nature and working toward a common goal of a return to our Constitution. Get like-minded people elected and then force them to vote conservative. The Democrats have figured it out, when will we?

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