January 13th, 2010

Legislative Session Day Two: Political Correctness Run Amok at Register

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily GeigerClayworthCovered-229x300

It’s the second day of the legislative session, and I’m already annoyed.

The first thing that irritated me this morning is, no surprise, the Des Moines Register’s coverage of the marriage issue.

I was trying to find a written version of Culver’s speech, and I clicked on the Register blog page. That was mistake number one.

You know how people in the media never refer to pro-life people as “pro-life?” They’re always “anti-abortion” or “anti-choice.” Well, now some in the media are playing those same rhetorical tricks with the marriage issue.

The hundreds of people who showed up for the Let Us Vote rally organized by Iowa Family Policy Center ACTION were the subject special blog post written by a special journalist, my friend and yours… Jason Clayworth.

Here is how Clayworth’s story began.

More than 50 supporters of ending equal rights for same-sex couples to marry have already crowded into the House balconies at the Capitol, more than an hour before Gov. Chet Culver is expected to speak.

The marriage opponents are mostly wearing red and are part of the Iowa Family Policy Center’s Political Action Committee’s rally, which will include a noon demonstration on the west steps of the Capitol.

At least four Iowa State Troopers are stationed in the balconies. No people will be allowed in the balconies who do not have a seat.

So now the pro-traditional marriage crowd has been re-labeled as “supporters of ending equal rights for same-sex couples”?

First of all, Jason, you need to come up with a shorter, catchier politically correct description. That’s just far too wordy.

Second, are you freaking serious? Could you be a little more biased? Did you get that language from your favorite Facebook group, “I support the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision on Gay Marriage” which you were a proud member of until you got called out for being openly biased on an issue on which you were going to be reporting?

Let me paraphrase Jason’s oh-so-skilled analysis:

“So like, a bunch of hillbilly moron bigots showed up at the Capital today to tell me I shouldn’t be able to get married, which is, like, totally uncool.

And they had the audacity to wear red, which really irritates me because we all know that is the color for AIDS awareness. I mean, hellooo. What were they thinking? And for most of them, red was completely wrong their skin tone.

Anyhoo, we had, like, four cops there ready and waiting for the ingrates to get violent, ‘cause we all know nerdy white Christians are always, like, one public male-on-male kiss away from going postal. So we put the fuzz on their asses just in case. Hee, hee. Hmmm….

Sorry, just got lost in a personal fantasy.

So like, gotta go. The formerly hot (now not) blondie is getting ready to strut down the catwalk, I mean, enter the chamber. Hee, hee. Sorry, got distracted again.

Gotta go see what spin One Iowa wants me to publicize this week. Ta ta!”

And for those you who think I’m being too hard on our friend Jason, just remember that if he were capable of writing a legitimate, unbiased news story, I wouldn’t have anything to complain about.

But, he’s not. So he’s going to keep getting called out and being exposed for the One Iowa propagandist he is.

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