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October 26th, 2010

LEGACY OF DEAFNESS: Braley Didn’t Listen When He Voted to Explode the National Debt

Liberal Democrat incumbent Bruce Braley’s voting record has saddled middle class families and future generations of Americans with a legacy of massive debt that will prolong economic instability in the United States.

The national debt has topped $13.5 trillion this year, driven to unprecedented heights by a litany of big-spending policies supported by Braley and written in the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Braley has voted repeatedly to raise the federal debt limit, which allows the government to continue its spree of deficit spending.

The big-spending agenda, typified by the failed $814 billion stimulus bill that has done nothing to ease 9.6 percent national unemployment, means a family of four in the United States currently owns a share of the federal deficit equal to about $176,000.

Ben Lange, the rising conservative candidate in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, called on Monday for a return to fiscal restraint in Congress.

“Bruce Braley has willfully ignored the will of the people with his unwavering support of Nancy Pelosi’s job-killing agenda,” Lange said.  “Iowans warned him that out-of-control spending can only threaten our economic and national security, but he didn’t listen.  When difficult economic times set in, the first thing families do is look at their budgets and find ways to save.  Bruce Braley seems to think that rule doesn’t apply to Congress.”

The breakdown of the federal budget process under the Democrat majority has further exacerbated the economic uncertainty plaguing families, farmers and small business owners.  For the first time since the current budgetary rules were enacted in the 1970s, the House of Representatives didn’t even consider a budget resolution this year.  But the absence of a federal budget hasn’t stopped non-security discretionary spending from increasing by more than 80 percent over the last several years.

“Spending is out of control, and unemployment remains near 10 percent. Yet Bruce Braley hasn’t budged an inch in his insistence that Congress can tax, spend and borrow its way back to a healthy economy,” Lange said. “The big-government approach has failed right before our eyes.  It’s time to send a message to Bruce Braley and Nancy Pelosi that we won’t allow them to burden our children and grandchildren with a legacy of debt.  Not even they can ignore that message.””

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