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October 30th, 2010

LEGACY OF DEAFNESS: Braley Didn’t Listen When He Voted for a Health Care Bill That Leaves 23 Million Americans Uninsured

A key rationale for the new health care law, i.e., expanding health insurance coverage, cited by liberal Democrat incumbent Bruce Braley and other proponents, has been discredited by the Congressional Budget Office which has since concluded 23 million Americans will remain uninsured under the new law.

The failure of the bill to substantially expand health insurance coverage means that the federal government’s central claim for massive federal intervention into the intimate health care decisions of seniors and middle class families is invalid, yet comes at a steep price for the American people.

Despite the clear demands of Iowans for Braley to vote against the misguided legislation and focus on reforms that closely link real problems with private sector solutions, Braley supported the legislation which has already fallen short of what he and other incumbent politicians promised.

Ben Lange, the rising conservative candidate in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, has said he would support a repeal of the legislation and would work to replace it with common-sense measures that will address the root causes of rising health care costs.

“The new health care law misses the mark on some of the most fundamental goals Congress had for health care reform, and Iowans made it clear they wanted Bruce Braley to reject Nancy Pelosi’s big-government approach and start over on common-sense legislation,” Lange said. “Bruce Braley didn’t listen. He chose instead to vote for a deeply flawed bill full of mandates, taxes and special back-room deals to buy votes in the Senate.”

Lange said a vast expansion of government control over the health care industry will put more authority into the hands of Washington bureaucrats at the expense of patients.

“The answers to our most pressing challenges, including health care reform, do not reside in big government,” Lange said. “We don’t have to strangle job growth and raise costs to expand coverage to those who can’t afford health insurance.”

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