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March 19th, 2010

Latham: Healthcare Bill Will Swell The Ranks of the IRS

Latham Dallas CountyBy Iowa Congressman Tom Latham
Iowa’s 4th Congressional District

Some proponents of the new health care reform proposal have tried the argument that passage of the legislation will lead to new jobs. It turns out such claims are true, although most Americans will be disappointed to learn that the job growth will take place within an already bloated government agency: the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS, the agency responsible for enforcing tax laws, will have to hire a small army of new employees to monitor the health insurance compliance of roughly 300 million Americans and collect the penalties imposed on those who don’t meet the health care bill’s individual mandate to carry health insurance. Some estimates put the number of new tax collectors at more than 16,000.

For months, Americans have been asking Washington where the jobs are. The answer coming from the Democrats in Congress appears to be in one of the least popular agencies in all of government. Amazingly, Congress is on the threshold of approving a “jobs bill” most Americans will want nothing to do with. It’s truly a ‘be careful what you wish for’ scenario.

A new bill number and some parliamentary misdirection can’t hide the fact that the Democrat health care reform proposal, which could be voted on by the House of Representatives as soon as this weekend, contains the same major flaws that made the original Senate legislation so toxic. In addition to creating a new legion of IRS officials, this bill will fail to lower health insurance premiums while raising taxes and smothering job growth.

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