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August 2nd, 2010

Lange: Federal Government Should Not be Involved Rebuilding the Delhi Dam

INDEPENDENCE, IA – Ben Lange, candidate for United States Congress in Iowa’s 1st district, issued the following statement concerning the recent flooding of Lake Delhi:

First, I’d like to extend my sincere sympathy to the families whose property has been damaged by this unfortunate event. When the Delhi dam broke, my foremost concern was to ensure public safety, and I commended Governor Culver and Congressman Braley for the immediate steps they took to do the same.

Residents now face a new challenge: who should finance the repairs to the Delhi dam? I initially reserved judgment on whether I would support Rep. Braley’s request for federal funding for the repairs until I had all the facts. Based on the facts as I now understand them, I believe the repairs will require the state and local governments, working in concert with the private sector, to fix the Delhi dam. Despite the political pressure to reach an alternative conclusion, I simply do not believe the federal government should be involved with this local issue because it is a privately-owned dam on a recreational lake.

I was dissapointed, but not surprised, to read Rep. Braley’s statement yesterday, in which he said that we need to spend federal money to bailout a private entity now, and “then tough choices are going to have to be made.”  I respectfully disagree with the Congressman; our nation has reached a point where tough choices need to be made now.  Rep. Braley’s “spend first, think later” approach to this issue is exactly what is wrong with Congress as a whole, and the kind of thinking that has gotten this country into the fiscal mess we are in today.

Eastern Iowans need a representative in Congress who will make the tough choices first, who will put their long-term economic prosperity and job growth over easy, short-term quick fixes.

About Ben Lange

Ben Lange is a small business owner and native of Iowa’s 1st district. He won the Republican Congressional primary by the largest margin in recent history, and his campaign to stand up for fiscal responsibility and common-sense solutions has attracted national attention. Ben resides in Independence with his wife Kelly and two young daughters, Addison and Emelia. To learn more about Ben Lange and his campaign, please visit

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