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August 12th, 2010

Lange Campaign Launches New Web Ad “Coming This Fall”

Ben Lange, candidate for United States Congress in Iowa’s 1st District, announced the release of a new web advertisement by his campaign.

Entitled “Ben Lange: Coming This Fall,” the ad contains written text interspersed with audio clips and images. The early portion of the ad depicts Lange’s opponent, the liberal Democrat incumbent Rep. Bruce Braley, alongside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as representative of “the same old politics.” The remainder of the ad introduces Lange as a fresh, new alternative, and emphasizes his deep Iowa roots, family values, and authenticity.

The ad has a running time of one minute and 19 seconds. The full text of the ad reads: “Year after year. The same old promises. By the same old politicians. Year after year. The same old politics. Isn’t it time to send a message? Meet Ben Lange. Husband. Father. Genuine. Conservative. Solutions. Coming this fall. Invest in your future.”

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