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October 19th, 2010

Lange Airs New Television Ad: “Faith”

Ben Lange, the rising conservative candidate in Iowa’s 1st congressional district, today launched a new TV ad entitled “Faith.”

In the ad, Lange draws a sharp contrast between his vision for America’s future and the record of his opponent, liberal Democrat incumbent Bruce Braley. While Braley has pushed for a larger and more intrusive federal government — typified by Wall Street bailouts, private sector takeovers, and Obamacare — Lange believes the true key to a prosperous future lies in free enterprise and the ingenuity of the American people.

The new ad will be aired districtwide as Lange’s campaign continues building momentum. Earlier this week, the political website moved the 1st District race from “leaning Democratic” to “toss up” status.

Below is a transcript of the ad:

Ben Lange: If you’ve lost faith in the American people and believe that government should bail out Wall Street, take over private companies and control your most intimate health care decisions, then vote for Bruce Braley and the Pelosi agenda.

But if you still believe in American people, American ingenuity and free enterprise — the foundations of the American dream — then vote for me, Ben Lange.

No party recruited me. No party owns me. I’m Ben Lange. I approve this message.

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