July 27th, 2010

Korrespondence with Krusty

I’ve been forwarded several emails to this website complaining about my article regarding Roxanne Conlin’s…  Well, you know what I’m talking about.  Anyway, I appreciate them taking the time to write, I mean that’s more than the Chairwoman of the Iowa Democratic Party did, she just fired off a press release.

Anyway, today’s korrespondence comes from “Mark in Cedar Rapids.”

“I’m used to expressing my opinion firmly and and clearly, but since you write like such a delicate little flower, I’ll just say that you owe Roxanne Conlin an apology immediately.  Make it sincere.  Confine your criticism to policy in the future, and for God’s sake try to at least pretend you know something about human beings of the female variety.”

Thanks Mark.

I never knew I wrote like a delicate little flower, most people tell me that I can’t write at all, or that I write like a six year-old or something.  As for knowing something about humans of the female variety, I don’t know about that.  I’ve been trying to figure them out for years.

Here is the thing that I really loved about Mark’s email.  The email also shows what website referred Mark to TIR.  In Mark’s case it was a blog called

I saw that Digby was all upset with my comments on Conlin.  I expected that, but just like Colin, she too wants to have it both ways.  When describing who Conlin is running against, Digby writes, “running against Chuck ‘pull the plug on grandma’ Grassley.”

Nice. Maybe Mark should email Digby and ask her to apologize for wanting to pull the plug on old people.  For God’s sake, try too at least pretend to care about your elders…  Maybe Grassley was correct when he talked about the death panels in the healthcare bill.

Look, I know my commentary on Conlin wasn’t the classiest thing that I have done during my career as a blogger, but as I’ve written since the original article, Colin and her liberal friends are guilty of doing the exact same thing to their opponents.

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