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December 9th, 2010

King: Passing DREAM Act Amnesty Is A Nightmare

Congressman King: “Passing amnesty is an illegitimate act of a repudiated and rejected lame duck Congress.”

Congressman Steve King, Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Immigration, issued the following statement after the lame duck Democratic majority passed the DREAM Act amnesty legislation last night. The controversial DREAM Act amnesty bill passed on a 216 to 198 roll call vote. Congressman King voted against the legislation.

“The passage of the DREAM Act amnesty bill in the House of Representatives is an illegitimate act of a repudiated and rejected lame duck Congress,” said King. “Lame duck sessions of Congress should not be used to move large and controversial agenda items like the DREAM Act amnesty bill. The fact that the outgoing Democratic leadership in the House is subverting the Rule of Law by rewarding millions of illegal aliens for their presence in the country is an act of spite aimed at America’s voters. Americans should insist that the United States Senate restore legitimacy to the remaining days of the 111th Congress by preventing this nightmarish DREAM Act amnesty legislation from becoming law.”

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