March 17th, 2010

‘Kill The Bill’ Farewell Boswell Protest Scheduled Thursday, March 18th 12:30pm

n78300773_5842Do you wish Leonard Boswell would just take an afternoon nap while watching ‘Wheel of Fortune’ instead of playing ‘Wheel of Fortune’ with our freedoms, tax dollars and healthcare rights?

Are you sick of president Obama and Nancy Pelosi and their bureaucratic healthcare agenda being repeatedly jammed down your throat?

Do you support either Brad Zaun, Dave Funk, Jim Gibbons, Mark Rees, Pat Bertrouche or Scott Batcher for Iowa’s 3rd congressional district?

Well then here is your chance to effectively and peacefully let your voice be heard, not only for Iowa but for this great country we love.

Attend a ‘Kill the Bill’ Farewell Boswell protest on Thursday March 18th at 12:30-2pm at his office at 300 East Locust, Suite 320

Make a sign, take a stand and take a friend for a long lunch hour.  Tell your boss you have to save the world and you will be back to work when you’re finished saving the day!

For more information or to RSVP go to this facebook event link.

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