March 18th, 2010

Kiernan Scolds Gibbons On St. Patrick’s Day One Day Before Boswell Protest

shamrockIn an Iowa Democratic Party press release on St. Patrick’s Day dem honcho Kiernan calls out Jim Gibbons, candidate for Iowa’s 3rd district for being in cahoots with a lobbyist.  Since this was the 2nd of its kind for Gibbons from Kiernan maybe the dem’s war machine see him as a threat to their own “Farewell Boswell” main man Leonard Boswell.

So is this really an odd roundabout compliment to Gibbons or is Keirnan onto something?

Gee, do you think it may have something to do with the scheduled protest today at 12:30 for Leonard Boswell?  Hmmm… Let me guess, I mean look into my crystal ball.  Yes, I see Erin Kiernan will anchor the newstory of this event today on WHO TV 13 coverage or now maybe not since that would be too obvious.

Its all about timing and a toothpaste smile…


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