September 17th, 2010

Kick Ask Question: What Would You Ask Sarah Palin If You Could Ask? (Plus Cool Video)

Forget three wishes from a genie.  Imagine you get to ask one question to former Vice Presidential Republican Nominee Sarah Palin, who will be in town tonight for the Reagan Dinner.  What would you ask?  What would you ask if you knew you get an unequivocal honest and straightforward answer.  Think truth serum here, not politics…

Without a doubt my question would pique the curiosity of the most recent impact she made in Iowa when unsuspectingly she endorsed Terry Branstad just before the June primary.  She certainly can have her opinion, but I question whether it was her opinion or just polling advice to beef up her own chances for success for a possible Iowa caucus win in 2012.

It didn’t seem like she was truly even dialed into the race.   It didn’t seem like it since her reputation and knack for being a tea party type of republican would seem more likely to align at the time with the Bob Vander Plaats campaign as their core beliefs and even family backgrounds seemed to mesh better.

The elephant in the room is this for me.  Questions to voters first: Did her endorsement for Terry Branstad over Bob Vander Plaats for Iowa governor at the time alienate herself from the base of conservative voters that seem to align with Iowa’s tea party momentum?  If there is an alienation can it be healed?

I’m not the only one who was scratching their head upon the endorsement announcement.  Branstad himself was surprised, assuming because until now they did not share much political chemistry except they both are trying show Iowa voters they are likable.

My question would be… “What were you thinking?”  What would yours be?

I think Iowa will be a huge litmus test for Palin more than any other possible GOP 2012 presidential hopeful.   Some Vander Plaats supporters feel burned by Palin’s snub.  I know people who love Bob and love Sarah and so far there is no reconciliation.  Is tonight the night where a Palin sound byte could even help bring more Iowa republicans together?  I hope so, but even more so I hope the message is genuine.

I wonder if she would be willing to lend her power opinion to the Bob’s latest effort with the Iowa For Freedom cause to vote NO in NOvember to retain the three Iowa Supreme Court Justices.   Either way there is no doubt Sarah Palin in influential here in Iowa.  How will she wield her power now?

I’ve been accused of not liking Sarah Palin because one of my first articles here addressed her book, ‘Going Rogue’ in a sarcastic tone.  I do like Sarah Palin, but voting for her would take for me a lot of wooing, understanding and time at this time.  At least I have the courage to say I’m not all in with Palin right now, but I’m not all out either.  There are many months before the Iowa caucus and many candidates.   She has to convince me of a lot.  The good news she has time on her side.

I look forward to tonight’s celebration.  I hope she does what she had done well around the country lately and that is be a positive catalyst for defeating Iowa democrats.  Enjoy this slide show of some of the best Iowa Republican images over that year or so including Sarah Palin…  Don’t fail me now Sarah!

[youtube R8o1CCeGw0c]

Photos and slideshow by Dave Davidson.

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