February 10th, 2010

Jason, Enough is Enough

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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ClayworthCoveredBy Emily Geiger

Seriously, can we have someone besides Jason Clayworth write about gay marriage for the Register? What’s Tom Beaumont doing? Heck, I’d even take Jennifer Jacobs. Apparently Kathie Obradovich is too busy trying out texting and driving, so I’m not even going to ask about her.

Or do they keep assigning the gay marriage stories to Jason so people just assume there is going to bias in the story and they won’t really think twice about it.

Here’s what Jason had to say about what happened at the capitol yesterday.

Both the House and the Senate this morning rejected efforts led by Republicans to push a resolution that would prevent equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.

First, Republicans actually want to define marriage as the traditional union between one man and one woman.

Second, Jason is an idiot. He doesn’t even understand what was going on. They were not voting on a resolution that would itself “prevent equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.” They simply were taking one step of many that would eventually allow the people of Iowa to vote on the issue of marriage. People could then vote in favor of traditional marriage or in favor of same-sex marriage.

Jason also told us that,” Today’s actions were procedural and not directly upon the issue of marriage.”

Um, way to try to provide cover for the spineless Democrats who claimed to be for traditional marriage but are obstructing the will of the people being heard at every possible turn. Nobody’s buying that story, Jason. Nice try though.

Between his stupidity and his biased characterization of Republican goals and what actually happened at the statehouse, it’s truly is amazing that someone like Jason Clayworth even had a job. How on earth he’s still working when so many others at the Register have been laid off is beyond me.

Of course, if they ever did fire Jason, I’m sure they’d have a discrimination lawsuit on their hands because he would claim he was fired for being gay, not for being stupid.

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