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October 5th, 2010

Jamison Launches Radio Ad Entitled “Families”

Republican candidate for State Treasurer, Dave Jamison, launched a radio ad entitled “Families.” The ad highlights the stark difference between Jamison and Michael Fitzgerald’s budgeting practices.

Instead of continuing down the same path of more debt and corruption, Jamison is offering new ideas, solutions and style of management for the State Treasurer’s Office. The State Treasurer is responsible for investing, protecting and managing taxpayers dollars. Michael Fitzgerald has failed to protect and manage taxpayer dollars. Not only did he approve almost $1.0 Billion in borrowing, he has resorted to using taxpayer dollars to fund his own campaign.

“As a husband and father, I understand families must live on a budget but so should the State. Spending in Iowa has grown and hundreds of millions of dollars of hard working Iowans tax dollars have been lost to out of state investors,” said Dave Jamison.

Jamison continued, “It’s time to put Iowa first and I am committed to upholding the integrity of the Office of the State Treasurer. I pledge to work with the Executive Council and the Governor to curtail the out of control spending and bring new fiscal leadership to Des Moines.”

You can listen to the ad by clicking here.

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