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July 11th, 2010

Jamison: Fitzgerald Fails the Leadership Test

It is a fundamental tenet of leadership that you lead by example and don’t ask subordinates to do something you are not willing to do yourself. State Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald fails that test.

According to a Des Moines Register article published Thursday, July 8, 2010, State Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald is one of only three State officials refusing to accept a 10% cut in pay.

“Almost all of Iowa’s top executive branch officials took a pay cut last year, including some statewide elected officials, with three notable exceptions: Lt. Gov. Patty Judge, Secretary of State Michael Mauro and Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald. “

Though not subject to the Governor’s Executive Order, Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey and Auditor David Vaudt voluntarily agreed to cut their pay by 10%. These men recognize the only way out of the budget mess we are in is to spend less. Everyone is making sacrifices in the public and private sector. The sharp downturn in our economy has hit everyone hard. Families are watching every penny spent and working harder than ever to ensure they have enough to pay the bills.

Even Governor Culver recognizes the leadership implications:

“In October last year, Culver called on his department directors to each take a 10 percent pay cut as a sign of leadership in the face of a $565 million budget cut that forced layoffs.”

Our state government is facing budget shortfalls due to overspending. As a result of an executive order issued by Governor Culver, state agencies have been told to cut 10% from their budget forcing furloughs and layoffs.

In order to be a leader, a person must act like one. Michael Fitzgerald is not acting like a leader. He is acting like a man who is out of touch with regular Iowans. Fitzgerald has claimed he works “for the people of Iowa,” but won’t take a 10% pay cut that will help save Iowa millions of dollars. His lack of leadership on the issue shows after 28years in office he is completely out of touch with everyday Iowans.

Fitzgerald’s lack of leadership adds to his record of failure. He failed to protect the public’s money and gave $500 million of Iowa Public Employee Retirement System (IPERS) money to two crooks operating Westridge Capital Management. He has failed to explain to Iowans how the IPERS money was taken on his watch; what he is doing to recover the funds; and what steps are being taken to make sure that it NEVER happens again.

Dave Jamison states, “This lack of leadership will continue to haunt the state unless people stand up in the November election and demand new leadership that will be accountable to the people. Twenty-eight years without a true leader in the treasurer’s office has caused people to lose trust in the office. It is time to bring that trust back.”

Jamison continues, “I am running for State treasurer to bring real leadership back to Iowa. I know what it takes to reduce government, fight debt, control costs and bring a balance a budget back to the state. It is time Iowa had real leadership in the treasurer’s office. It is time to put Iowa first.

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