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November 1st, 2010

It’s Time to Own It

By Sam Clovis

In less than two days we will start the campaign to take back this country from progressives.  Much has been said, now it is time to act.  We need to vote and along the way get our friends and neighbors to the polls, as well.  As many have said, this is the most important election of my lifetime, and I have lived a good chunk of years.

Last Thursday evening, I concluded my lecture series on the campus where I teach titled “Serious Civics: A Guide to the Constitution, Government and Governance in America Today.”  For nine consecutive Thursday evenings beginning the first week of September, people from every walk of life came together to learn, or relearn, a lot of what may have been taught in school.

We covered topics that ranged from the philosophy that underpins our Constitution up to the analysis of the Stimulus, Cap & Trade and Obamacare.  By providing context from our history for all of what is going on today, the audience was able to take away validation of their convictions and the logic and intellectual development needed to argue with those who might be less informed.

Though the lectures were presented in an academic fashion, no one could mistake the clear conservative principles being advanced or supported.  On the final evening, the questions and discussion flowed like the mighty Missouri.

As we neared the end of the evening, a member of the audience asked me what else could be done before the election.  I had previously urged the group to not only vote, but to “do one more thing.”  That evening, I told them the one more thing they needed to do was to “own” these principles–Constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, strong national defense and free markets.

When one commits to becoming engaged in politics, there are a host of activities one can pursue.  Most of the common things we do include giving money, working phones, putting up signs, etc.  What is most important, however, is internalizing the principles upon which we build our political philosophy.

Some might vote a straight ticket so we don’t have to think much about what we really believe.  What counts, however, is knowing exactly what we believe and why we believe what we do.  Without conviction, we will not be able to sustain our efforts to dismantle the socialistic architecture being advanced by this administration and the democrat party.  This election, and all subsequent elections, is about conviction—and commitment.

I am optimistic about Tuesday, both at the national level and here at home.  Our side is committed to turning out and voting.  Our side is energized by the opportunities presented to us by our political system.  Our side is willing to do that one more thing needed to make sure our candidates prevail.  Our side, I am hoping, is willing to remain vigilant and engaged for election after election.  Our side is committed, I am sure, to finding more recruits and better candidates to perpetuate this resurgence in patriotism and this humbling return to our founding.  Our side is willing to make a difference in every school board, supervisor and council election–forever.  Our side will take on political machines and return government and governance to the people.  Our side is growing, gaining strength and developing a vision for a nation founded in Liberty and shaped by Divine Providence.  We will prevail.

On Tuesday, let us remember why we are going into that polling booth.  We are taking back this country, and it feels really good.

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Sam Clovis
Sam Clovis is college professor, retired Air Force fighter pilot and former radio talk show host. He has been active in republican politics in Iowa for quite some time and is a highly visible and outspoken conservative. He has run for office in Iowa and remains a popular conservative figure.

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