April 14th, 2010

It’s all about Diversity.

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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Another Reason Why Across The Board Cuts Suck

chetYesterday, Chet Culver signed a law that requires state officials to study how to recruit and retain minority teachers.

Here’s a thought Chet, don’t fire them.

Last year Culver failed to address the weakening economy and was forced to make sweeping across the board cuts that devastated school districts across the state. The cuts forced school districts to eliminate teachers AND raise property taxes.

Had Culver not used across the board cuts, he could have been more selective in who was terminated. The obvious step would have been to only fire white teachers. That way, we could have still made cuts to education, but he could have also achieved the diversity he so desires.

So let me get this straight.

In 2005, 95.79% of the state’s population was pasty white people. I’m sure through the powers of Acorn, the next census will show that the state is now 95.69% pasty white.

Culver’s call for diversity is idiotic, especially after a bunch of white female teachers were just given pink slips. It begs the obvious question, if Chet wants diversity in the classroom, where is he going to get these teachers? That’s right, out of state.

So there you have it folks, Chet Culver is busy trying to create jobs for people who don’t even live in this state. BRILLIANT! Oh, but at least he’s consistent in only wanting to create government jobs.

Chet also cuddled up with another minority group, gays.

Only 1.5% of Americans are gay, I think its safe to assume that the number would be lower in Iowa, but Chet got his gay on recently when he endorsed gay marriage rights for people who wanted special rights solely based on behavior.

So, as Chet prepares for reelection, he is busy carrying water for the smallest of minorities and people who don’t even live here. Meanwhile a bunch of white people just want jobs.

While we are discussing diversity…

You just have to laugh at the Iowa Bar Association’s use of a picture of disgraced Representative Kerry Burt on its April magazine cover. Who in their right mind would pick a picture of a legislator who is being indicted for fraud and was busted for drunk driving on the cover with the title, “Breakfast at the Bar.”

I’ll be the guy that says it. The only reason Burt’s picture is on the cover is because he’s black. I know I’m going to be called a racist, but why else would they use that picture?

Iowa Bar Association, you’re an idiot.


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