February 18th, 2010

Iowa News: A Sad Convergence of Events

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geigersad

I’m depressed.

Seriously, could you read the news yesterday and not be depressed?

First, there was more on the Mark Becker murder trial. Whether the guy who killed famed Aplington Parkersburg football Coach Ed Thomas was legally insane or not, it’s obvious that he was and is highly disturbed, and the effect that this has had not only on the Becker and Thomas families, but on the entire community and state of Iowa, is just so completely sad.

Then there was the update on the 12-year-old kid who killed his stepdad and wounded his stepsister. Apparently, they found some incriminating drawings and/or writings in his junior high school locker… including a photo of a girl with her face scratched out. Anything to do with that story is completely awful.

It’s so strange that two tragedies of this magnitude are playing themselves out in our “safe” little bubble known as Iowa at the same time.

This just shows that big bad things can happen anywhere. We need to burst our own little bubbles and be aware of the struggles happening within our own communities and not be afraid to step in, especially if doing so could save lives.

We need to pray for healing for these hurting families… and pray that these things won’t ever happen again.

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