March 16th, 2010

Iowa Needs to Divorce Itself from Democratic Leadership.

Culver InterviewIf you have ever been around someone that’s in an abusive marriage, one of the saddest things to witness is a spouse that is either in disbelief or doesn’t want to accept the fact that the marriage is unhealthy and must end.

I think that Iowans are in the same sort of boat. I think a majority of folks know that their marriage to Chet Culver and the Democrats in the legislature is not working out. It is my concern that some of these people are not yet ready to file divorce papers because they feel like the relationship can be salvaged.

So while this may be painful, I think it’s time for an intervention so that the people of Iowa can come to terms with the true facts about the political party that they have entrusted to lead this state.

The following is the list of scandals that Iowa has had to endure under its current Democratic leadership.

Entire year of 2006 – CIETC Scandal
Most of 2006 and 2007 – Touchplay Scandal
Spring of 2008 – Culver Florida Vacation Scandal
Fall of 2008 – Mari Culver Busted for Smoking in a State Vehicle
Winter of 2008 – Culver Entertains Selling the Lottery
Spring of 2009 – RIO Office Scandal
Spring of 2009 – Department of Public Safety official bailed out State Rep. Kerry Burt for drink driving
Spring of 2009 – Atalissa Bunk House Scandal
Spring of 2009 – Glenwood Death Scandal
Spring of 2009 – IPERS Investment Scandal
Summer of 2009 – Iowa Film Office Scandal
Fall of 2009 – Culver SOS Scandal
Spring of 2010 – Culver continues to go through campaign managers and Chief of Staff’s like Mari goes through cigarettes. Hell, I’ve lost count, but now I’m hearing rumors that John Frew isn’t a happy guy and wants out.
Spring of 2010 – Union Leader calls new member a “Scab” in email
Spring of 2010 – Misuse of Federal Flood Recovery Funds Scandal

Does this look like a healthy relationship to you?

I’m sure that some liberal who is paid to moderate this site is going to swoop in and say that Culver and the Democrats are not responsible for any of this, but it all happened on their watch. Can you think of another time in this state’s history where some many scandals have occurred? I can’t.

I understand that Culver being illegally lobbied by Bonnie Campbell and the folks for Scientific Games didn’t result in the state selling the lottery, but low and behold we now have a push to expand the lottery and build new casinos.

I know that Culver using Bill Knapp’s condo seems like an insignificant story, but when you take into account that he used Mid-American Energy’s jet to get fly to travel to Florida, that’s a problem. Mid-American is the state’s most regulated company. And we wonder why Alliant didn’t get the green light to build a clean coal plant in Marshalltown.

It was Kerry Burt who chose to drink and drive last year, not Chet Culver. Yet, I’m the only one who asked why a person who works in the Department of Public Safety was the one to bail him out.

Those are just some of the insignificant scandals.

The fact that we have the FBI investigating the Iowa School Board Association is disturbing. Democrats call the shots in these types of organizations and they take care of their own. The Feds also say that the state misused federal flood money. And let’s not forget that the audit of the Secretary of State’s office under Culver also showed a misuse of federal funds. These are no longer isolated incidents, it’s a trend.

The scandals that will really haunt Culver and the Democrats are Atalissa, Glenwood, and the Film Office mess. They each show the administrations incompetence in managing the daily operations of state government.

The worse development for Democrats is that Iowa School Board Association scandal. The timing couldn’t be worse to have another CIETEC scandal emerge.

Again, does this look like a healthy and productive relationship?

Iowa needs to divorce itself from Democratic Leadership.

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