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October 2nd, 2010

Iowa GOP Leaders Call on Mauro, Fitzgerald to End Veiled Campaign Ads

Strawn, Schultz & Jamison also call for legislative curbs to end practice
Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Matt Strawn, along with State Treasurer nominee Dave Jamison and Secretary of State nominee Matt Schultz, today called on top state Democrat incumbents to immediately pull their campaign-style television and radio advertisements that have been conducted out of their official, taxpayer-supported offices.

In recent weeks, Secretary of State Michael Mauro and State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald have launched promotional media advertisements in Iowa featuring their name, likeness and image. These television and radio advertisements have not been paid for by the incumbents’ campaign accounts despite the fact that both Democrats are up for re-election on November 2.

Strawn called on Mauro and Fitzgerald to immediately cease these advertising campaigns and called for new legislation that would curb such abuses of power.

“While currently legal, the actions of Mauro and Fitzgerald are unseemly, inappropriate and need to stop immediately,” said Strawn. “These ads are official in name only and are clearly intended to get the candidates’ names and likeness in front of Iowa voters before an election.”

To prevent similar abuses, the trio of Republican leaders called on the legislature to act next year to prevent any statewide elected official from running a television or radio ad featuring an incumbent’s image, likeness or voice inside of 60 days from the general election unless paid for through a candidate campaign account.

Secretary of State nominee Matt Schultz said, “My opponent is using taxpayer money, your money, to pay for political ads. This is Chicago style politics and it must stop. If Michael Mauro has any integrity he will pull these ads down or reimburse the taxpayers for the money spent on these ads, but I doubt that he will do the right thing. It is because of these kinds of dirty tricks and abuse of power that we are releasing today a new website called exposing Mauro’s positions on the issues and his Democratic political machine.”
State Treasurer nominee Dave Jamison said, “This is Iowa – not Chicago. It’s time to put an end to the culture of corruption and bring back open, honest and accountable leadership to Iowa.”

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