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October 19th, 2010

Iowa GOP Calls on Culver to Return Questionable Campaign Contributions

The Republican Party of Iowa is calling on Governor Chet Culver’s campaign to immediately return contributions made by Rhode Island resident Michael Perik, whose companies have received millions in taxpayer-financed contracts with the Iowa Association of School Boards.

The Des Moines Register yesterday brought to light that Mr. Perik has given Gov. Culver $55,000 while at the same time negotiating for multi-million-dollar projects funded by Iowa taxpayers.

Iowa GOP Executive Director Jim Anderson said Culver needs to return the money. “By repeatedly accepting questionable donations from people with conflicts of interest, Culver has built a culture of corruption here in Iowa. First, he took money from casino supporters who were vying for a state casino license. Now we learn one of Culver’s East Coast donors has made millions from Iowa taxpayer-funded projects,” Anderson said.

Anderson added, “When Terry Branstad takes office, he will send a clear message that ‘pay-to-play’ is off the table. Branstad will restore honest, open politics to Iowa.”

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