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August 2nd, 2010

Iowa Association of Business and Industry Endorses Branstad

Iowa Association of Business and Industry’s PAC endorses Terry Branstad for governor
Group represents more than 1,400 businesses employing over 300,000 Iowans

(WAUKEE) – The Iowa Association of Business and Industry’s (ABI) Political Action Committee, representing 1,400 businesses that employ over 300,000 Iowans, endorsed former Gov. Terry Branstad’s bid for governor at a news conference this morning.

On hand to present the endorsement to Branstad will be Iowa ABI board chair Sarah McDonald Hasken, as well as Kirk Tyler, chair of Iowa Industry PAC.

“Like many Iowa companies, we’ve faced a tough economy the past four years,” said Kirk Tyler, chair of Iowa Industry PAC. “We’ve had to do more with less.  When revenues tightened, we didn’t spend more than we took in.  We’ve had to think of new ways to deliver quality service at a lower cost.  At the same time, we haven’t seen the same kind of leadership for our state during these tough times. We need Terry Branstad as governor.”

“ABI members don’t believe that our state is on the right track,” said ABI board chair Sarah McDonald Hasken.  “Instead of facing tough challenges, our state’s has borrowed millions of dollars and pushed problems down to future generations.  Instead of providing leadership in making Iowa a better place for employers to grow, our state has considered job-killing policies that effectively take Iowa out-of-the-running for economic development.

“Iowa needs a change in direction and a change in leadership. We need a new leader with experience in dealing with tough times. Someone who isn’t afraid to make tough choices. We’ve found that in Terry Branstad.”

Branstad welcomed the support of Iowa’s voice for employers.

“Iowa needs a pro-business, pro-growth governor who will reduce taxes and not increase debt,” said Gov. Branstad. “I look forward to working with ABI and its members to ensure we have economic opportunities all across this state. I believe Iowa’s best days lie ahead, but only if we have the resolve and the will to fix the state’s budget, make government more efficient, and work day-in and day-out to encourage job creation. I’m honored and proud to receive the endorsement of ABI.”

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