January 22nd, 2010

In Loving Memory of Baby Aveion Lewis, The Recent Amber Alert Story From Virgina

aveion-park_01617444You may have heard about the nationwide amber alert from Virginia about a missing toddler recently. Unfortunately Baby Aveion did not survive his recent abduction.

Dr. Dan Davidson, my brother who practices chiropractic and is a professional photographer in Roanoke, made this Montage Slide Show presentation of Aveion for his then foster mom Michelle months ago.

As a facebook friend of Michelle and employee of Dan’s, I remember hearing how distraught she was when Aveion went back to his biological parents. Suffice to say Michelle did not have a good feeling about the return.

aveion-park_00174393Now Michelle’s worst possible nightmare has come true.

As a foster parent of three children and three biological children I cannot imagine the emotional roller coaster Michelle is experiencing.  Please keep her broken heart in your prayers.

As a photographer you never know when your work will be part of a memorial…

In Loving Memory of Aveion Lewis – Share your heart with condolences, memories and photos at

[youtube SPEtIGFaBsQ]

Dan also covered the emotional aftermath of the Virgina Tech shootings, but never imagined his photo shoot with Aveion would be part of a memorial website.  He never saw this coming.

[youtube z_qtp5sgYe8]

Below is a partial excerpt from

UPDATED JAN. 22: Investigators have resumed their search for Aveion Lewis. Police said Friday that teams are searching an area around the home, including the Roanoke River, for the boy’s remains.

aveion-park_00074396A search warrant unsealed Thursday in the case of Aveion Lewis describes his death as a homicide and his short life as one of neglect.

The 2-year-old had recently suffered blistering burns on both legs from a heater, and did not receive medical care for those injuries, the search warrant says.

Before that, he’d been placed in foster care for 16 months, the document said.

Aveion has been missing since Jan. 14, when his parents called police and reported that he’d been abducted.

Police said they have since learned from the child’s stepfather, Brandon Lockett, that Aveion died before police were contacted. His body has not been found. Thursday’s search was postponed because of inclement weather, police said.

The search warrant did not state how police believe the toddler died.

On Wednesday, police charged Lockett, 24, with felony child neglect, improper disposal of a human body and obstruction of justice. Aveion’s mother, Morgan Lockett, has been interviewed by police but has not been charged.

The search warrant, filed Wednesday in Roanoke Circuit Court, says that Aveion was born with a medical problem that required surgery to remove part of his intestines. As a result, he had a strict feeding schedule and needed medication.

When he was 14 months old, he weighed less than 9 pounds, and authorities found that his parents were not following the medical instructions for his care, the search warrant says.

Aveion, who would have turned 3 later this month, was removed from his home for 16 months, in which time he doubled his weight, according to the document.

He returned to his parents’ home on King Charles Avenue in Southeast Roanoke in September, according to the search warrant.

Photos by Dan Davidson

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