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September 10th, 2010

IFPC Calls On Conservative Leaders to Lead

For nearly thirty years, the balance of power in American politics has hinged on the ability of a conservative coalition to offset leftist advances. That coalition has been defined as a coming together of both fiscal and social conservatives, even though many conservative voters consider themselves members of both camps. While the 2010 election is shaping up to be the single largest power-shift in modern American politics, Christians are witnessing a dangerous and short-sighted trend developing among leaders within the conservative movement that threatens the sustainability of the coalition.

Over the last several weeks, there has been an almost daily revelation that those who have become leaders within the conservative movement are increasingly convinced they can accomplish their goals without the so-called “social” conservatives.  Of the trend, IFPC Action President Chuck Hurley said, “I understand the argument that the country is being dismantled from the inside by our own elected officials, but to focus entirely on economic concerns while trying to brush aside family and social issues only serves to undermine our shared goal of preserving liberty and the American way for the next generation.”

Hurley continued, “I don’t think it’s coincidental that the origins of the word ‘economic’ relates to household management.  We need to understand that we cannot rebuild our national economy if we are actively undermining the stability of the American household by condoning homosexuality.”

In August, one announcement after another revealed the willingness of conservative and Republican leaders to abide homosexuality, and to help undermine efforts to promote traditional family values. First, on August 6th, Republican firebrand Ann Coulter, who ironically once authored a book entitled “Godless,” announced that she would be speaking at a pro-homosexual event called “Homo-con.”  Then, on August 10th, it was announced that NRCC Chairman Rep. Pete Sessions and NRSC Chairman Sen. John Cornyn had accepted invitations to speak at a Log Cabin Republican event.

The next shoe to drop came during Glen Beck’s August 11th appearance on the O’Reilly Factor where he said “We have bigger fish to fry. You can argue about abortion or gay marriage or whatever, all you want, but the country is burning down.” Beck then went on to say that homosexual “marriage” is no threat to America.

Next, on August 25th, former RNC Chairman, and Bush campaign manager, Ken Mehlman, announced that he is a homosexual. As a part of his announcement, Mr. Mehlman indicated that he will be using his notoriety to thwart the will of the people of California as expressed by their constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

Most recently, on September 8th, conservative icon Rush Limbaugh said to a caller, “at this point in our country’s history, the crossroads where we’re at, whether Tom sleeps with Dick is really not the big thing right now.”

According to Hurley, “The breakdown of the family translates directly into the need for more government and ultimately leads to the higher taxes and the more burdensome bureaucracy that conservative leaders claim to oppose.  For instance, a 2008 study by the Georgia Family Council found that family fragmentation costs U.S. taxpayers an estimated $112 billion annually.  Protecting the traditional family pays real dividends.”

He went on to say, “Conservative leaders are right to sound the alarm and to warn that the country is balanced on the precipice of a financial and regulatory abyss, but they are misguided to presume there can be any long term solution without addressing what they refer to as the social issues.  Glenn Beck frequently talks about faith in general, but what this country desperately needs is to return to faith inspired righteousness and a fear of the Lord like our Founding Fathers had.”

Hurley went on to say, “The condition of the economy is very much a family issue, and at this point in time we need our leaders to address unemployment, get government out of the way so the free market can heal our economy, and shrink the size of government so that taxes might go down rather than up.  We need to elect leaders who promote American exceptionalism rather than globalism. We must find a way to work with those who don’t share all of our views so that America will remain a place where we are each free to hold those views.”

Hurley concluded by saying, “For conservative leaders to condone homosexuality however, creates an environment that is akin to asking people of faith to abandon their deepest convictions in order to participate in the political process. Unless conservative leaders stop bowing to political correctness and begin to lead, they will both destroy an otherwise winning coalition and ensure their ‘bigger fish’ never get fried.”

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