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October 19th, 2010

If Loebsack Thinks He’s Indignant Now, Wait Until Voters Have Their Say on His Votes for Obamacare, Bailouts, and Cap and Trade

Rep. David Loebsack gave voters all the information they need for the Nov. 2 election when he told a Democratic crowd this weekend that he’s “very proud” of his votes for government-run health care, cap-and-trade, the Wall Street bail-out, massive federal spending and his claim that people who want to replace him are “threats to our democracy,” his opponent said today.

“This just shows how out of touch he is. He’s going to try to defend the indefensible instead of apologizing for driving the economy and the federal budget off a cliff. It’s hard to imagine anyone saying they’re very proud of their part in driving the unemployment rate up and saddling future generations with a crushing debt, but voters need to remember his words when they cast their ballots,” Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks said. “Is he honestly saying he’s proud that his policies when the unemployment rate was 2.9 percent in eastern Iowa when he took office and now it’s 7.6 percent?”

Miller-Meeks said Loebsack “demonstrated the arrogance of the Nancy Pelosi-run Congress by claiming his opponents threaten our democracy.”

She continued, “I’ll tell you what threatens our democracy – his votes to have government take over our health-care system, which is one-sixth of the U.S. economy, take over banks and the auto industry, and imprison us with trillions of dollars in debt now held by the Chinese government. He said he’s feeling ‘a little bit of indignation’ about the people who want to get him out of Congress. Well, just wait until Iowans finally get the opportunity to express their feelings at his votes for a new national energy tax that will kill 30,000 Iowa jobs and raise energy rates, his votes that hit Iowans with higher health insurance premiums, drive Principal Financial out of the medical insurance sector and lay off 1,600 employees, and squeeze businesses with higher taxes. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait much longer to express our indignation at what he’s doing to our country.”

Miller-Meeks said Loebsack also “delivered a full measure of hypocrisy” by criticizing her for contributing to her campaign while ignoring the fact that Roxanne Conlin, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, has given her campaign more than $1 million.

“His outrage seems to be missing when it comes to someone in his own party writing $1-million-plus checks. I find it outrageous that David Loebsack and the Nancy Pelosi gang have mismanaged the federal budget so badly that they’ve cut $500 billion from Medicare, denied cost-of-living allowances to Social Security recipients two years in a row, and put us on a track to tripling our national debt in less than 10 years,” Miller-Meeks said. “At a time when we need focused leadership in Congress to get this country back on track, David Loebsack is so desperate to save his own career that he’ll say anything. Eastern Iowa deserves better.”

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