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July 27th, 2010

If Conlin Wants Attention, How About Explaining Stance on Important Issues?

Roxanne Conlin could remedy her weekend complaint that her uninspiring U.S. Senate campaign is ignored by the media if she’d answer questions about her positions on issues that make a difference in Iowans’ lives, a spokesperson for the Republican Party of Iowa said today.

While speaking to a special interest group in Las Vegas, Conlin bemoaned the media’s disinterest in her candidacy.

“Roxanne Conlin hasn’t figured out what issues really matter to voters, so we’d be happy to help her by encouraging her to tell Iowans in detail where she stands on some key issues,” Iowa GOP spokesperson Danielle Plogmann said.

“For instance, does she have an agriculture policy? If so, when is she finally going to tell Iowans about it and what are the details of that plan? The estate tax is zero this year. Does Roxanne Conlin think the federal government has a right to tax the estates of Iowans who die next year and, if so, how heavily would she tax people who have worked all their lives to build their businesses and farms so they could pass them on to the next generation?

“Does she support the Obama administration’s lawsuit against Arizona?” Plogmann asked. “Does she approve of the recent Supreme Court decision interpreting the Second Amendment as an individual right? If she were a senator today, would she vote for the cap-and-trade bill? If Roxanne Conlin is willing to start answering the tough questions honestly, she’ll make plenty of news as people begin to see her extreme liberal agenda is out of touch with Iowans.”

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