October 12th, 2010

I Spent Thousands of Dollars On Personal Attacks and I Still Might Lose…

For months, Congressman Leonard Boswell has repeatedly attacked his Republican opponent, Brad Zaun.  He’s attacked him on his statements about ethanol.  He’s attacked him regarding his personal finances. I’ve even heard rumors that Boswell has been digging up dirt on Zaun’s kids.  What a great guy.

Why would someone like Congressman Boswell want to run such a negative campaign?  That’s an easy question, it’s because the only way he can win reelection is to attack his opponent so that his votes in favor of Obamacare, Cap and Trade and government bailouts are not exposed.

I have to admit, I was surprised to see the DCCC release polling results on the race that show Boswell leading Zaun by only 8 points.   I know the Zaun camp would like to be leading, but Boswell and the DCCC have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars beating up Zaun.  All they have to show for it is an incumbent who is still under 50% and a challenger who they can’t put away.

Seriously, Boswell’s attacks remind me of the DGA’s attack on Branstad in the primary.  Both seem to be unsuccessful.

The Zaun campaign told the Des Moines Register, “This is a drive-by poll by the same group that spent over a million dollars of special interest money slandering Brad Zaun. Our internal polling shows a very competitive race that is trending in our favor as Iowans see through the “hit and run” campaign being waged by Congressman Boswell and his liberal allies.”

I understand what the Zaun campaign is getting at, but again, I think the more important point to make he is that Boswell has run a nasty campaign and is still in trouble.  Let’s also not for get that this is basically an internal poll, which means its likely that they are over sampling Democrats in the current environment.

For as many shots as Zaun has taken, he’s still standing, and that’s a problem for Boswell.

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