July 26th, 2010

I’m “influential,” well at least Roxanne Conlin thinks so.

Roxanne Conlin, the liberal millionaire trial attorney who the Iowa Democratic Party recruited to run against Sen. Chuck Grassley, recently traveled to Las Vegas to where she participated on girl power panel at the Netroots Nation convention.

In my opinion, Conlin didn’t have much to say to the people who attended her panel. The focus of her five minute talk was about an anonymous blogger – me. I’m glad to see that Roxanne thinks that I’m effective and powerful…

Influential – in·flu·en·tial
Definition: effective, powerful
Antonyms: ineffective, ineffectual, insignificant, unimportant, uninfluential, unmoving, weak

Colin shocked the audience when she said, “Last week, as you know I’m a candidate for the U.S. Senate. Last week, a Republican blogger, a very influential blogger in the state of Iowa, wrote a whole blog about my breasts. Complete with pictures, with pictures. (The audience gasped, some even cried out ‘oh nos’) This actually happened, I know, I was there.” Later she went on to say, “Women progressives have to be really tough, really tough, especially if people are looking at your pictures.”

Beep, Beep, Beep, back the truck up Roxanne.

First, the blog post that you are referring to was 689 words long. Of that, I devoted 96 words to the picture of you in the West Des Moines parade. The article also mentioned Governor Chet Culver’s appearance in the same parade, but the bulk of the story dealt with the Des Moines Register’s obsession about people who live in dilapidated trailers.

Second, Roxanne’s comments make it seem like I posed a picture of just her breasts, not a picture of her waving to people in a parade. There is a big difference. Heck, she makes it sound like it was some dirty magazine shoot or something. Gross.

I actually think that Roxanne is glad that I wrote what I did a few weeks back. Her entire campaign is based around either her or women in general being victims. Whether you like it or not, perception and appearance matters in the political arena. Voters and members of the media will always scrutinize candidates of any gender, weight, ethnicity or dialect. If you wear an ugly a$$ tie in a debate, you are probably going to hear about it the next day. Show a little too much skin, like Governor Culver did when he walks a triathlon, you will probably see and hear about it.

Politics is a nasty business, but Roxanne is simply using my comments about her to make her self into the victim. I found it fascinating that most of her five minute talk was about me commenting about her appearance, but a few second later she was ripping the media for their obsession about Palinesque women. She lamented about the coverage Nikki Haley received about her victory in South Carolina, but nobody knew that she had won her primary.

Well Roxanne, Haley’s race was closer than yours; in fact she didn’t avoid a run off campaign so that made it newsworthy. In regards you your race, your opponents were simply afterthoughts, even though the Des Moines Register actually preferred one of you opponents.

I also find it ironic that Roxanne is commenting on Palin and Haley’s appearance. Isn’t she guilty of doing the exact thing that she is upset that I wrote about? Figures.

Watch it for your self. Conlin starts at the 25-minute make, and it only lasts for a few minutes.


Picture by Dave Davidson

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