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October 26th, 2010

Humble Brad Zaun Decisively Decimates Cantankerous Boswell In KCCI Debate

Just how out of touch is Leonard Boswell?  If you watch the KCCI / debate, be sure to get out your ‘Back to the Future’ Delorean time machine calculators because it will take some Hollywood math to get this right.  (The debate link above only shows part 1 at KCCI at the time of loading this article.  Surely a station like KCCI will provide part 2, right?  I mean it is after all where the thread in Boswell’s political career unraveled for the last time.)

In my humble opinion Boswell simply did not make much sense in an unimpressive case of why we as voters should rehire him to represent Iowa’s 3rd congressional district.  Furthermore Brad Zaun carried himself as a statesman who wanted a job where he could truly make a difference.  Watch the debate yourself and see that by saying Boswell didn’t bomb, you’re merely being polite or you are a Des Moines Register writer.  (Again watching part 2 is critical.)

Boswell consistently minimized the concerns of constituents while exaggerating misleading attacks.  He seemed miffed when questioned about his Pelosi related track record, never admitting that spending and voting for such spending is the problem.  Zaun on the other hand mentioned more than once that he was, ‘sick and tired’ of government spending.

Boswell also seemed desperate when asked by Zaun why people should vote for him.  In that final question Boswell confused the heck out of me and seemed to merely cite that fact that his family were farmers and that is why he deserved a vote.  The rest of his ending ramblings did not land at all.

There simply was no meat on Boswell’s sandwich during the debate, nothing you as a voter would want to sink your teeth into.  If Boswell’s debate performance was a Subway sandwich, it would be the lowest calorie, least substantial item on the menu, yet it would cost us the most as consumers and taxpayers.

Up until now, all the while I have personally been saying, “Farewell Boswell,” I did at least give the man the benefit of the doubt that he loves his country and serves his district the best he can.  After Monday night’s KCCI debate its apparent that though he is a Iowa political legend, he loves being a curmudgeon Washington elite the most of all despite his need for taking ‘responsibility’.  For me his inept attitude of entitlement could not be hidden under any reasonable cloak of good ole experience for the good of Iowa.  Sorry, I’m not buying that logic.

Boswell was condescending even to co-host of the debate, Lynn Campbell.  When referring to health care a woman would need his cantankerous attitude was obvious and disheartening.  Once, in the second half of the debate Boswell wanted to wrap up his own dead end drivel and perhaps in a foreshadowing fashion he said it best, “I think my time is up.”  This script seems to write itself.

Brad Zaun just had to show up to show up Leonard Boswell in this debate and show up he did.  If you catch anything from Zaun, catch his closing remarks regarding a humble and honored request for a vote.  Zaun convinced me that he would listen to Iowans, better than Boswell.  Zaun convinced me that he would lead, vote and represent Iowans better than Boswell.

Okay so I am biased, watch the debate yourself for your conclusions, but get this.  I was for Zaun before this debate, but now its a total no-brainer.  It should be for the Iowa 3rd district voter too.  The worse thing the Boswell campaign could do is encourage anyone to watch the debate coverage.  Take my word for it or watch for yourself.  Its is time to say, “Farewell Boswell, here in Iowa.”

Its hard to understand why there is support for Boswell at this time.  Before the debate started Kim Lehman showed up to the parking lot rally and we decided to investigate why voters supported Zaun or Boswell.  The results are found in the following youtube videos.  But first watch the enthusiastic welcome when Brad Zaun arrived at KCCI. – Enjoy…

[youtube AD9K69qxYSc]

[youtube FZj4SMwGmOk]

[youtube 7exV178uhD4]

[youtube xOmM4FDWKBY]

photos & video by Dave Davidson

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