October 20th, 2010

How Stupid Do You Think We Are Chet?

With only two weeks until Election Day, Governor Culver is now offering a $120 million dollar middle class tax cut. Can we say desperate?

This sort of haphazard governing is what got this state into the trouble we are currently in. It wasn’t all that long ago that Chet Culver was elected and he and the new Democratic controlled legislature went on a spending spree and increased spending by a BILLION dollars. That caused a disastrous budget problem, which forced Culver to cut a BILLION dollars in spending. The only problem was that he cut all programs and services instead of just eliminating all the new stuff.

Culver’s I-Jobs program was also a kneejerk plan. Culver promised that it would create thousands of jobs, but unemployment is higher now than it was before the state borrowed $875 million dollars for projects. There is a pattern here, when you fly by the seat of your pants you get in trouble.

Thanks to Culver, the state’s fiscal house is a mess. I’m never opposed to a tax cut, but I just don’t trust Chet Culver to shoot me straight, especially when he’s desperate for votes. Remember, this is the same guy who said everything was just fine then instituted a 10 percent across the board cut a few months later.

Personally, I think a 12 year old could probably budget better than Culver. Hopefully we will end all of this nonsense in a couple weeks.

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